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Larry MacMillan – P.R.

September 21, 2008

Herb and George Neumann Take Division Wins

(Inverness, Fl. 9/20/08) Seven regular divisions, the visiting Florida T.Q. Midgets and three young men put on a wild 10 minute drifting exhibition for the fans during intermission that kept the fans entertained all evening long. With only 6 more regular race nights left in the season every one is important to any of the drivers in the race for top 10 positions and a championship.

Herb Neumann Jr. is working hard to pick up another championship crown, putting some cushion in his run for the crown with his 4th win of the season from his 10th starting spot over the 13 car field. Scott Millar had the field pretty well covered from his outside pole position and led the field for most of the race while Neumann methodically picked his way through traffic to chase him for the final 15 laps then made his move to the checkered flag. Dale Sanders started on the pole and held on to a third place finish by virtue of a couple of caution flags followed by Scott Grossenbacher and John Gerstner to round out the top five. Grossenbacher and Dustin DesChamps took the heat wins. Dustin had a bad crash in the feature that ended his night in a run for third late in the race.

The Sportsman division was in short supply and did not have enough cars to run heats. They lined up 11 cars strong for their 25 lap feature and it was Bobby Ervien setting the pace early and 8th starter Tom Posavec spending most of the race trying protect his point lead which was shrunk to two points when the checkered flag flew for an Ervien and Posavec in a one two finish. Meanwhile Ernie Reed started third and held off the rest of the field to finish third followed by first timer David Blum and Michael Baker. This race for the championship is going to be a repeat of last season for the championship. Only 3 races left and the final one will be a 50 lapper on November 1st and the division champion will probably be decided then.

Tommy Smith did double duty with two rides Saturday night and he made the Street Stock division stand up and take notice with a flag to flag win for his 3rd of the season in Street Stock action. Team mate Jason Murphree chased him for all twenty laps. Mike Loudy gets the hard charger award getting into the mix in the run for the checkers from his 11th starting spot to finish third. Rounding out the top five were 13th starter Doc Mark Fallows and 7th starter Jason VanOchten who was also doing double duty with two rides for the night. Heat winners were Smith and Fallows.

It was George Neumann setting the pace from start to finish in the Mini Stock 1st heat and their 20 lap feature logging his 5th win of the season with flag to flag wins in both races. Despite his success for the year he is well back of Kevin Harrod in the race for the crown in fourth place. Harrod chased Neumann for much of the race only to lose that second place finish to Clint Foley who is 52 points behind Kevin in the race for the championship with five races left in their season. Wes Filyaw and James Ellis locked onto the 4th and 5th place finishes over their 18 car field. Kevin Harrod came up the winner in the second heat.

Twenty five cars took the green flag for the 4 Cylinder Bomber 20 lap feature and Tim Scalise scored his first win and second heat win of the season. Phil Edwards started 17th and worked his way through traffic for a second place finish. Early leader Chris Snow was able to salvage a third place finish after giving up the lead. He was followed across the line by Anthony LaPoint and Patric Connor. Bryson Ward, Bryton Prevatt and Scalise scored heat wins.

Richie Smith scored his 4th Pure Stock win of the season over the 26 car field from his 23rd starting spot. The #142 car driven by Ritchie and Mike Hinde has won just about every race it has been entered in. Chad Markland outran his team mate Bill Ryan from 13th and 14th starting spots to second and third in their 20 lap feature race. Ricky Henick stayed strong and picked up fourth over Patric Conner. Point leader John Drye took the heat win in the first with Richie Smith taking the second heat and Bill Ryan scoring the win in the third heat picking up 10 points on John Drye with his third place finish in the feature.

For the second week in a row another V8 Thunder Stock Rookie is forced to move up to Pure Stocks as Michael Martin launched his racer from 8th to 1st for his 3rd win of the season. He was very dominant in his run in their 20 lap feature run Alex Wilder won out in the race for a second place finish in his quest to regain the point lead with Drew Matissek, Randy Werstein and Del Beckner rounding out the top five.

The traveling Florida T.Q. Midgets saw Ted Durfee turn up the rpm’s for the win in the heat race over a six car field. A 7th car joined them for the 20 lap feature and Michael Belusar put the hammer down to lead the field to the checkers for the win. Early leader Geoff Styner gave up the lead late in the race and settled for a second in front of Michael Elder and 77 year old Jack Duffy.

Saturday night, September 27th will be "Government Employee Appreciation Night" at Citrus County Speedway. All city, county, state and national government employees will be admitted free on the grandstand side with proper government employee identification. The fans will be treated to Open Wheel Modifieds, Sportsmen, Mini Stocks, Street Stocks, 4 Cylinder Bombers and the fantastic Figure 8’s in intersection action.



Citrus County Speedway Results 9/20/08

Super Late Model Feature – 35 Laps – 13 Cars

1. #98 Herb Neumann Jr. – Inverness – 4th Season Win

2. #20 Scott Millar – Ocala

3. # 1 Dale Sanders – Lecanto

4. #09 Scott Grossenbacher – San Antonio

5. #62 John Gerstner – Eustis

1st Heat Winner - #09 Scott Grossenbacher

2nd Heat Winner - #51 Dustin DesChamps – Brooksville

Sportsman Feature – 25 Laps – 11 Cars

1. #88 Bobby Ervien – St. Petersburg – 5th Season Win

2. #01 Tom Posavec – Dunnellon

3. #55 Ernie Reed – Lecanto

4. # 1 David Blum - ?

5. #02 Michael Baker – Inglis

No Heats Run

Street Stock Feature – 20 Laps – 19 Cars

1. #93 Tommy Smith – Hernando – 3rd Season Win

2. #95 Jason Murphree – Homosassa

3. #21 Mike Loudy – Brooksville

4. #007 Doc Mark Fallows – Crystal River

5. #99 Jason Van Ochten – Hudson

1st Heat Winner - #93 Tommy Smith

2nd Heat Winner - #007 Doc Mark Fallows

Mini Stock Feature – 20 Laps – 18 Cars

1. # 1 George Neumann – Inverness – 5th Season Win

2. # 7 Clint Foley – Dunnellon

3. #34 Kevin Harrod – Floral City

4. # 3 Wes Filyaw – Brooksville

5. #98 James Ellis – Brooksville

1st Heat Winner - # 1 George Neumann

2nd Heat Winner - #34 Kevin Harrod

4 Cylinder Bomber Feature – 20 Laps – 25 Cars

1. #48 Tim Scalise – Lutz – 1st Season Win

2. #21 Phil Edwards – Crystal River

3. #29 Chris Snow – Dunnellon

4. #88 Anthony LaPoint – Zephyrhills

5. #444 Patric Conner – Dunnellon

1st Heat Winner - # 4 Bryson Ward – Crystal River

2nd Heat Winner - #33 Bryton Prevatt – Center Hill

3rd Heat Winner - #48 Tim Scalise

Pure Stock Feature – 20 Laps – 26 Cars

1. #142 Richie Smith – Hernando – 4th Season Win

2. #34 Chad Markland – Bushnell

3. #33 Bill Ryan – Bushnell

4. #60 Ricky Henick – Inverness

5. # 8 Patric Conner – Dunnellon

1st Heat Winner - #39 John Drye – Inverness

2nd Heat Winner - #142 Richie Smith

3rd Heat Winner - #33 Bill Ryan

V8 Thunder Stock Feature – 20 Laps – 12 Cars

1. #76 Michael Martin – Citrus Springs – 3rd Season Win

2. #14 Alex Wilder – Inverness

3. #68 Drew Matissek – New Port Richey

4. # 9 Randy Werstein – Belleview

5. #002 Del Beckner – Inverness

No Heats Run

Florida T.Q. Midgets Feature – 20 Laps – 7 Cars

1. #30 Michael Belusar 2. #3 Geoff Styner 3. #52 Michael Elder

4. # 1 Jack Duffy 5. #26 Ted Durfee

Heat Winner - #26 Ted Durfee




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