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Larry MacMillan – P.R.

August 10, 2008

Richie Smith Takes First L.M. Win

                (Inverness, Fl. 8/9/08) On any given race night the fans can plan on seeing Richie Smith driving in at least 2 divisions and if he doesn’t have two rides for the night he gets a little bored. It was no different Saturday night when he climbed into his WRC Late Model #33 and the #93 Pure Stock. In each division he showed his driving talent at Citrus County Speedway taking his first win from the outside pole position in a flag to flag first Late Model feature win and a second place finish in his heat. He came into the night chasing Herb Neumann Jr. for the points lead and closed the gap from 19 points to 14 points. Pole sitter Jo Jo Viverito couldn’t catch Richie but stayed in his tire tracks for the entire race for a second place finish followed by Herb Neumann Jr. who survived an early caution flag mishap and drove back to the front from the back of the pack. Rounding out the top five were Daniel Webster who also won his heat in another WRC car and Scott Grossenbacher who currently is in third in the point standings. Dale Sanders picked up the win in the second heat.

                Seventeen cars made the green flag start for the Mini Stock 20 lap main. George Neumann lost a distributor last time out and had to just about rebuild his motor. On Friday it was doubtful that he would even start on Saturday but with some help from last year’s champion Steve Griffin, they got it back together. After winning the first heat George pulled off a flag to flag win for his fourth of the season. Clint Foley came off a D.Q. in post race inspection for being 7 pounds light putting him to the rear of the pack and made a last lap run this week to beat James Ellis to the checkers by half a car length. Chris Harvey locked onto 4th from his 8th starting position followed by Don Faunce to round out the top five. Kevin Harrod had problems during practice and had to send out for a new head for his racers. They got it back together in time for the heat and he powered from the scratch position to the winners circle in the second heat.  Unfortunately something went sour in his racer for the feature and he was only able to make half a lap before he was done for the night but still leads in the point race.

                Tim Quick is the big gun in Street Stock action putting some more cushion in his point lead with a win in the first heat and then wasted no time from his 8th starting spot to take his 7th feature win of the season. His team mate Tommy Smith managed to avoid a situation that could have taken him out of the race when another driver mistook Jason Murphree for Smith in an attempt to take him out. Mike Loudy was disqualified and Jason Murphree suffered enough damage to end his night. Smith did hold out for a second place finish followed by Frank Stromquist who also recovered from right front wheel damage during practice. Doctor Mark Fallows held out for a fourth place finish over Doc James Batson who got Mark into racing. Tommy Smith also added a heat win to his resume.

                Mike Hinde has been the man to watch in Pure Stock action of late. He moved up from the Rookie V8 Thunder Stocks after winning his first 3 races. The car and driver have continued their winning ways as he logged his second feature win in the division from his 13th starting spot. Twenty Eight cars took the green and it was a major traffic jam for the first few laps. In the meantime some of the heavy hitters motored their way through the heavy traffic with several caution flags repositioning some of the drivers. The race worked out in a run for second Richie Smith coming off his heat win to log a second place finish. Ricky Henick locked onto third from his 16th starting spot followed by 28th starter Curtis Flanagan and Victor Shahid who started 4th and finished fifth. Heat winners were Flanagan, Hinde and Richie Smith. Richie may run in three divisions next week.

                In as much as the V8 Thunder Stocks have been wanting to run heat races, General Manager Don Cretty decided to give them a 30 lap feature. The drivers didn’t know this was coming until they got on the track and many of them set up for a 20 lap main. The first lap brought out the caution for the 16 car field losing several cars to the pits for flat tires and damage. When the smoke cleared the went for a long green with 14th starter Cotee Clark went to the point and set the pace for the final 15 laps only to lose the win in post race inspection for his second D.Q. for not pulling enough vacuum. Michael Martin inherited the win for his second of the year. David Gray finished third but he too failed the vacuum test moving Austin Roberts into a second place finish followed by point leader Alexander Wilder, Randy Werstein and Cory Swanston rounding out the top five.

                Next Saturday night will feature 9 different divisions. Highlighting the action will be the Checkered Flag Sprint Series, Figure 8’s, Open Wheel Modifieds, Sportsman, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks, V8 Thunder Stocks, 4 Cylinder Bombers and Mini Cup Cars.


Citrus County Speedway Results 08/09/08


Late Model Feature – 35 Laps – 13 Cars

1.  #33     Richie Smith – Hernando – 1st Season Win

2.  #72     Jo Jo Viverito – Inverness

3.  #98     Herb Neumann Jr. – Inverness

4.  # 3      Daniel Webster – Brooksville

5.  #09     Scott Grossenbacher – San Antonio

1st Heat Winner -  # 3 Daniel Webster

2nd Heat Winner - # 1 Dale Sanders


Mini Stock Feature – 20 Laps – 17 Cars

1.  # 1      George Neumann – Inverness – 4th Season Win

2.  # 7      Clint Foley – Dunnellon

3.  #98     James Ellis – Brooksville

4.  #51     Chris Harvey – Belleview

5.  # 2      Don Faunce – Spring Hill

1st Heat Winner - # 1 George Neumann

2nd Heat Winner - #34 Kevin Harrod – Floral City


Street Stock Feature – 20 Laps – 16 Cars

1.  #97     Tim Quick – Lecanto – 7th Season Win

2.  #93     Tommy Smith – Hernando

3.  #57     Frank Stromquist – Lecanto

4.  #007   Mark Fallows – Crystal River

5.  # 7      Doc James Batson – Inverness

1st Heat Winner - #97 Tim Quick

2nd Heat Winner - #93 Tommy Smith


Pure Stock Feature – 20 Laps – 28 Cars

1.  #142   Mike Hinde – Hernando – 2nd Season Win

2.  #93     Richie Smith – Hernando

3.  #60     Rick Henick – Inverness

4.  #35     Curtis Flanagan – Floral City

5.  #88     Victor Shahid – Floral City

1st Heat Winner - #35 Curtis Flanagan

2nd Heat Winner – #142 Mike Hinde

3rd Heat Winner - #93 Richie Smith


V8 Thunder Stock Feature – 30 Laps – 16 Cars

1.  #76     Michael Martin – Citrus Springs – 2nd Season Win

2.  #31     Austin Roberts – Inverness

3.  #14     Alexander Wilder – Inverness

4.  # 9      Randy Werstein – Belleview

5.  #33     Cory Swanston – Aripeka



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