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Please look here to see listed changes made to this website, and/or certain files on
it.  Regular updates that are made may not be noted here, but most other changes
will be. As example: the weekly points posting will not need to be listed here, but changes
to the seasons schedule would be. The addition of this new page, and others will be noted
here. So check here often to see any changes that you might need to know. If a class rule
changes on the web you might not ever realize it, unless you look here to see a post telling
you that a change has been made. The modifications/corrections will be listed here with
the date it was made, and the newest will be at the top. Also the date that "this" page was
last changed is noted just above of this paragraph. I hope this new page will be of help to
all our drivers and fans of the
Citrus County Speedway. Good luck to ALL our drivers,
regular and visitors, and to ALL our fans, thanks for taking time to come out and see our
exciting shows put on by Drivers & Track on a regular basis.

09/04/12 - I had to make a points correction to the SS class. It was verified that a non-qualified driver drove the #85 on 9/1/2012. Points were taken away from #85 (Tim Wilson) and the finishes were re-distributed. The 9/1/12 Street Stocks page, and the Top Ten were both re-posted.

06/09/12 - I had to make a points correction to Sportsman #66 Andy Nicholls for the night of 5/19/12. He was given 58 Feature points by mistake. That dropped him from 3rd to 6th in the points standings for 5/19/12.

05/15/11 - I re-posted the Pure Stocks Points page because I had #17 Jesse Veltman listed twice. I made the points correction and then updated the page.

04/20/11 - I reposted the GENERAL RULES file to reflect a change on page six to change the "top 3" to "top 5" that can be protested to be like it was in the past.  The schedule has a powder puff F8 Bus race added to the 5/28/11 race date.

01/15/11 - I added the New "Hornet" class to the schedule. This is to be a begginer class (like the Thunder Stocks a few years ago). Also added a Kid's Bike Races to one of the nights.

10/02/10 - I changed the feature points in Mini Stocks for the 09/25/10 for car#'s 51, 71, & 2. Upon Becky's (Sanders) checking the paper work for that night she found the mistake that those three cars should all have gotten last place points (64 each). That correction was made before doing the 10/02/10 finishes, and postings.

09/13/10 - I changed the 100 Lap Mini Stock race for 09/25/10 to 50 Laps per John Chance. The drivers were not wanting to put that many hard laps on their motors this late in the season.

06/13/10 - I had to re-post the Top-10 page, the Mini Stock page, and the Four Cyl-Stock page.  #32 Steven Smith won the Mini Stock not #3 Steven Griffin. And three people in the 4-Cyl Stocks got 64 points each, but should have been given 68 points each.

05/02/10 - I had to re-post the Top-10 pages for 4/24 & 5/1. Also the Sportsmen page for 4/24. There was a one point change for two cars in the sportsmen 4/24/10 points. Car number 73 & car number 83 had to be adjusted. They both had the same qualifying time in the Time Trials. My program assigned them 3 points for one, and two points for the other (random choice). After Becky's close inspection she pointed out the error. She has always given the higher position (in this case 3 points, instead of 2) to the car that had the faster qualifying time on their other run when the cars are otherwise tied. That meant the car that I gave 2 points to got 3, and the other I gave 3 points to got 2. A tie in the top ten points was then broken by 1 point.

02/15/10 - Added a new page for Car Numbers. The numbers listed for each class are numbers that are NOT available anymore for the season. They are paid for by someone. If you are requiring a number, you must get it through the Pit office, from Pam. No one else is in charge of numbers, so be sure you have it taken care of through her. If you don't see the number you want listed as taken on the page, don't assume you can get it until you see Pam in person and arrange for it to be yours. She'll then forward that number to me and I'll post it on the web as taken.

10/12/09 - Re-posted the Top-10 and Figure-8 pages for 10/10/09 races. I mixed up "Robbie Powel" and "Ronnie Powel" with updating points. One was there, the other was not. I gave the points to the wrong one. Moved him from 10th to 7th in the current YTD.

10/05/09 - Added "Ladies School Bus Figure-8 Race" to the 2009 Schedule for October 24th.

09/28/09 - The start time changed from 6:30 to 5:30 starting 10/03/09 until the end of the season. This time change was noted on the web, and message board.

08/23/09 - I just re-posted the 4-cyl stock & Top Ten pages after I corrected a points entry error made last night. I made an entry to a Phil Davis, instead of a Phil Edwards for the heat and feature finishes.

08/16/09 - I just changed the "Desoto Champ Karts" to "South East Champ Kart Series".  I removed "The Bass Champion Challenge Series" from 09/12/09 & 10/31/09. This was done after checking my web schedule with what the track had that was revised 8/15/09.

05/03/09 - I just added Bandaloros to Oct 3rd, and 50 Lap Open Wheel Modified Sponsored by Above-It-All Roofing to Oct 10th, on the Schedule page.

05/01/09 - I just added all the current updates to the Season Schedule page.

04/12/09 - I just added the Open Wheel Mods. to the schedule for next week.

04/05/09 - I posted two 8th place finishes in the PS, and two 16th place finishes in the MS class. This mistake has been corrected and the MS, PS, and Top Ten pages re-posted.

03/28/09 - A couple of changes made to the Schedule. Added Outlaw Mod Mini to April 4th & July 25th. Added "50 Truck Race" to July 18th. Removed F.O.W.L. from May 16th, June 20th, and August 15th.

12/23/08 - A couple of changes made to the Season Schedule. I made the changes on the Schedule Page. One Fig-8 race deleted, and Sportsman 3rd week races moved to 2nd week.

12/13/08 - At 2:30 pm I posted the PDF versions of the 2009 class rules for the following: V8TS, SS, SP, SLM, PS, OWM, MS, FIG8, and 4CB. The 2009 Schedule was also updated.

10/26/08 - I found that I had two entries in the Sportsman class for Rick Kase, and so I researched that and made the fix to correct it. The Top Ten page has changed for the SLM class even though they did not run this week. After a discussion between the Track and one of the SLM drivers, it was agreed between both that his name and points would be removed from the Tracks' Point system for the entire season. That effected the Top Ten standings and so that page change this week for that reason.

09/30/08 - The OWM points for 09/27/08 were corrected.  The car #01 was given 78 points for the feature race. It was thought that he tried to start the race and broke. After learning that he had broke in the feature race and could not have even started the feature race, the correction was made. The 09/27/08 Top Ten and OWM points pages were both updated. YTD points changed, but not the YTD order. The car stayed in 2nd place.

09/02/08 - General Rules revised again. Both PDF and WORD links have been updated.

08/18/08 - General Rules revised.

05/01/08 - Schedule revised. The Fifty lap 4 cyl bommers race did not state it was a points race. I was asked to update the board and web to let people know that all the 50 lap races this year will be ran as points races.

04/08/08 - Schedule revised. The FRIDAY night practice were not showing because of color (Blue on Blue). Also Note SLM makeup race added to 4/26/08.

04/02/08 - Schedule revised. Late Model Twin 50 races removed and replaced with regular Super Late Model races (single 35 lap features).  Name correction of a driver, and 3/29/08 pics posted.

03/21/08 - RULE UPDATE: The "2008 Open Wheeled Mods"

11.   One shock per wheel only. Additional shocks in other locations permissible. Any shock on car may be claimed for $50.00 per shock. Same claim time rules apply to shocks as well as engines.


11.   One shock per wheel only. Additional shocks in other locations permissible. Any shock on car may be claimed for $50.00 per shock.

02/23/08 - A NEW Updated Schedule has been posted.

02/17/08 - I re-posted the Fig-8 points and the Top-10 because I added the car# 15 as a new driver in the fig-8 class, and he already existed in that class. The change/correction moved him all the way up to tied for first place. Becky has been checking the points I posted last night, and so far that is the only correction I have had to make.  As always I'll list changes I have to make here so you may keep informed of updates.

02/09/08 - Due to a lack of interest and participation the SWAP MEET was cancelled and the link on the Web to the information about it was removed per Track request.

01/06/08 - Posted the 2008 Driver Registration Forms in PDF form on the web. Click the "Rules" link and it's posted there at the top of the options.

December 2007 - Posted the class rules and schedule. General rules not ready yet.  Began updating some of the web files getting ready for the 2008 race season.


11/19/07 - The "Top Ten" and the Fig-8 pages for 11/10/07 were updated to reflect a change in finishing order for the 2007 Points Season. A new 9th and 10th place occured from the change. Adjustments made per Track.

11/06/07 - In the Street Stock class I gave the 14th place points to the wrong person. I corrected the points and re-posted the page. Pete in the #28 car was the correct person and he was the DTW winner in that class.

09/25/07 - In the PS class Car #19 was mistakenly given 50 points in the Feature.  He did not run the Feature and the 50 points were removed from the total to reflect that. It did not change the YTD points order.

09/22/07 - The track made an adjustment to last weeks points in the SS class. #63 was given last place points (58) instead of zero. No change in the points order occured.

09/11/07 - I was given a new "SWAP MEET" page to be posted on the Home page.  So, you ought to check it out.

08/17/07 - I made a change on the V8TS page. It was confirmed that Jennifer Brown drove the same car that was used in the PS class. That car was DQ'ed in the PS's and is therefore automatically DQ'ed in the V8TS. That moved all those from 4th down up one spot in their finishing position. They aren't running for points, but the points earned are used for line-up purposes. So a new line-up sheet was made for this weeks line-up (8/18/07).

08/07/07 - I made a mistake in the sportsman class for 08/04/07.  I had to add 70 points to DJ Macklin for the feature race, and update his total. This did not change the points positions, so only the one page had to be updated on the web.

07/27/07 - I added the PDF links on the RULES page for the 2007 Enduro Rules & Registration, and the Demo Derby as well.

06/18/07 - I made a mistake in the 4CB class in the Saturday night postings.  I entered the heats to the wrong drivers for the third heat. I corrected the page, and updated the Top Ten page. The order of the Top Ten drivers did not change, but some of their totals did.

05/10/07 - In the SS class there was a correction on two cars. #39 - Tony Calabrese and #16 - Ray Middleton were given feature points that was incorrect. The amounts were subtracted, but the order was not re-sorted to show the YTD positions. The 05-12-07 results has the corrections and shows the current correct YTD order for the class.

04/29/07 - In the SS class the #9 car did not run the feature and the 56 points were changed to 0. This changed the Top Ten page and the SS page for 4/28/07.  Both pages were re-posted.

04/28/07 - I had to make corrections to #17 in MS, #97, #47, & #98 in Sportsmen, #85, #17, #34, #16, & #05 in Street Stocks. Each one of these drivers had a mistake in their points calculated.  They were all given one point less than they were suppose to get in their heats. I have added 1 point to each and that now reflects in the YTD Totals shown. I did not make the change to last weeks posting at this time, but may do it latter to keep things more consistent on the week to week postings.

04/09/07 - I added this page back to the new web layout. I'm working on a email list of people who want to get a weekly email from the track about various things of interest. And yesterday I repaired the track logo on the message board, and the classifieds pages.  I also modified those two pages to return you to the new (blue) home page, instead of the white front page with the Welcome on it. The front page is for first time visitors to this site, then most people will just bookmark the blue page for return visits. I am still working on getting all the old pages restored to this new site. I moved the web to a new host server a few weeks ago, and I fixed it so you can type the www or omit it when coming to this site. The 'home' page will soon contain a link that will let you join the email listings if you are interested.  I hope all of you will signup.

03/26/07 - Removed the "BOAT & TRAILER" Race from the 3/31/07 Schedule.  Track was repaired and that race had to be postponed.  New website layout is coming soon.

03/07/07 - Added a "Registration" page for a 2007 Swap Meet that is going to be held. Click here to see the page. Also, changed the picture layout for the 02/24/07 page to be like the others. People preferred that layout.

02/13/07 - Open Wheel Modified rule update. This is the text as I received it.

                "Please change ASAP the modified rules under the tire section to read:


                1. Maximum overall width (front or rear) shall not exceed 78 inches from outside of the tire right
                side to outside of the tire left side. Maximum ˝ inch spacer between hub and wheel, steel or
                aluminum allowed on car so long as overall width does not exceed the 78 inch limit. No wheel
                adapters allowed. No tire warmers or air bleeders. "   Click Here for the Link (Addendum #3).

01/30/07 - After checking my email today I found that a few more corrections had been sent to me yesterday (the 29th).  I have set up another page for these changes and made links to them.

01/27/07 - I reposted the 2007 Season Schedule page (Text and PDF formats). Added a new link on the Home page to a new page that has some changes and updates on it.

10/22/06 - I reposted the HS points page for 10/14/06. The two cars #15 + #4 only got 1 point for feature, they should have gotten 64. I made the change. Next I reposted the 10/21/06 HS page again. Because I gave the 28x 50 points instead of 1 point that he got as a no-show. And the 15 car was DQed for being too light. No points.

10/17/06 - School Bus Figure-8 Rules posted, linked from the home page. Also the Boat and Trailer race rules.

09/22/06 - The Schedule has been updated. The Dates effected were Oct. 7th, and 21st. The changes are marked in gray. The Late Model rules were updated. I think the only change was made in the Rear Spoiler area under "Bodies".  But LM drivers should check themselves and/or talk to track officials to be sure.

09/08/06 - I made a big point change to the HS class for 05/13/06 feature only race.  The change resulted in a clearing up of a misunderstanding of a DQ for the #81 car that night.  Becky was told that he was DQ for the feature race. A DQ means you get no points or money for the night. You would get a DQ if you failed inspection, or hit someone on purpose during a Red flag. He was not Disqualified, but instead was Black Flagged, for moving under red. For the BF he goes to the pits, and get points for the laps raced up to that point. All classes for all nights have been checked to see if anyone else was effected by the clarification. There were none. The changes made to the HS class for that night was as follows: #81 changed from 0 to 60 points, #60 changed from 60 to 58, #97 from 58 to 56, #62 from 56 to 54, #41 from 54 to 52, #71 from 52 to 50, and #6 from 50 to 48 points. #81 got 21st place and 60 points, thus moving the other cars down one spot and loosing 2 points.  I'm posting this message tonight to let you drivers be aware of the points change. As you can see it will effect each weeks posting for the HS class from 05/13/06 until present. That will take a little work on my part to repost all the corrected pages. I'll get it done soon, and post when I have finished. As always, we don't just post and forget. We (and you) are always looking for any mistakes that need to be corrected, and gladly make them when the need arrives. Thanks for understanding, and assisting in pointing out any possible mistakes.

08/20/06 - I made a mistake in the HS class. I gave the points to the wrong John Zuidema (father, son).  I made the switch and that effected the Top Ten page by moving him into tenth. So I reposted the HS and the Top Ten pages for the 08-19-06 points pages.

08/18/06 - I made a little change to the Top Ten page to make it a little easier to jump to the date your looking for. Click on the Month to jump down to that area of the page and then just click on the Sat. date your wanting to see.  And added a "return to top" link at the bottom of the page to get you back to the top to reselect another month, or to click on the "previous page" link. I hope this cuts down on some of the scrolling you were having to do to get down the page now that we're into the middle of the year.

08/17/06 - I re-posted the top ten, HS, and F8 pages for 08-12-06. There was some changes and/or corrections to be made.  And LM pics were added to the same nights race on Carleen's photo page.

08/14/06 - I made a mistake in the LM points for 08/12.  I gave the two last place cars the regular amounts in the feature, but they should have gotten 1 point in the feature, as well as the heat, both cars. It was on the points sheet correctly, I simply copied it wrong.  #24p and #21 are the cars involved.

07/24/06 - A mistake in the MOD Heat points for 07/22/06 was fixed and reposted.  Car# 072 Jeff was given 4 Heat points, changed to 5. Car# 07 Danny Brown was given 3 Heat Points, changed to 4. The Year-To-Date totals were increased by 1 point for both drivers.  25th and 41st is there current points position, and that did not change.

07/17/06 - I made a mistake in the TS points for 07/15/06.  I gave points to "Kyle Dubbs" and it should have been "Kyle Peters".  I corrected the page and reposted it. Also, as I made the correction, I noticed that the YTD order was mixed up. It was something like 1,2,5,4,3,7,6,etc.. instead of 1,2,3,4,5,6,etc. I fixed that too.

07/11/06 - I was sent a revised season schedule, and the Schedule Page has been updated with this new information. I don't know what the changes/corrections/additions are, so be sure to check it closely so you don't miss any events that are important to you.

06/30/06 - I corrected the HS points for the 06/24/06 race. The #37 was given 3 points for the Heat (correct), but was given 54 points for the Feature (wrong). That was changed to 1 point because he did not start the Feature.  Only the 06/24/06 HS points page was changed to show this correction.

06/04/06 - I added the names of the classes to the tops of the POINTS pages. When you click on the points/finishes and then choose a class, say Hobby Stocks, you'd get a page with all the weekend dates. I updated much of the info next to those dates, and the Class name is at the top of the page.  I often clicked on the page to check my postings and would forget which page I was looking at.  That's what made me think of adding it.

05/31/06 - I replaced the 05/27/06 Top Ten page with a current (correct) page.  The formulas were now adding in ALL the weeks on one class, and the sorted order was wrong on another.  The is right now and I've added the date for the Top Ten week to the page. This will help show that the Top Top print is posted on the right matching Web page.

05/30/06 - I reposted the 4Cyl and LS points pages for the 05/20 weekend.  The #55 and #60 LS cars were changed by 2 points each, and the Heat and feature wins were removed from the 4Cyl page and given to the second place runner. The car that was thought to have won was not the right (registered) driver for that night. So ALL places were changed to reflect the new finishing order.  When I did the points (on 05/27) I made the changes in my computer for 05/20 before I entered the finishes for that night (05/27).  So the YTD points should have been right, but by not listing the changes here and/or reposting the old pages, it let some people confused about the week to week calculations.  This should have the points clear now, and if need be I'll make more corrections and list them here.  Just keep me informed of any potential mistakes.

05/23/06 - I made some changes/additions to the Photograph pages.  I am working with the new track photographer to get her photos and post them.  I have been having trouble with her getting thru my email account.  I've added some other Pictures that R. Wing Jr. sent me.  He has asked me about posting his photos just for your viewing pleasure. They are not for sale.  Please remember that the Photos are just some samples.  The Track Photographer needs people to visit the Photo Shack and purchase items.  She can do allot more that just Pictures, like license plates, and many other items. See her, support her, and we can all have a season with memories.  These people are supported by you, not the track.

05/11/06 - Thunder Stock Points page was corrected/updated. Car #19 (Rick Ray) was not given his points for the night.  I mistakenly gave them to the wrong name, listing that person as a new driver.  I removed the incorrect person that does not exist and gave the points to Rick, and resorted the points standings.

05/07/06 - Some rule updates.  Page 5, lines 15 and 16 of the General Rules were modified as follows:

15.    Intentionally crashing or ramming at any time during racing event will not be tolerated. Driver will be disqualified, fined, suspended, permanently banned or any combination of these depending on the severity of the offense which is the discretion of Citrus County Speedway officials.

16.    Anyone intentionally crashing or ramming another car under caution or after race is completed will receive Two (2) week Suspension and $250.00 fine and possible fine for damages made to opponent’s car.

The line was added to #15, And the week went from One to Two, Amount from $100 to $250 on line #16.

05/05/06 - The 4-Cyl Bombers rules were not the most current ones. They were updated to show the correct 2006 information.  Both the Text and PDF pages were changed to show the current rules.

04/20/06 - The "Season Schedule" page has been updated with the newest changes. The start time is 5:30 now, not 6:00 and the Driver Registration closes at 5:00.  The "Times & Prices" page was updated to reflect the new start time. The "Media Coverage" and "Video" links on the home page were removed at this time.

04/17/06 - There are two #14's in the Thunder Stock class, and the drivers have the same last name. The wrong one was given points for the 04/15/06 race night. The correction was made and the right #14 was moved from 27th place to the 21st place.

04/16/06 - I made a mistake in the 4-Cylnder class posting points. I made the correction and re-posted the page. The top positions changed. The car in first place is the car that was not given the points the first time I did the page. I had given the points to a car that was Absent that night.

04/07/06 - The "Modified" POINTS page for 04/01/06 was updated. Three cars (#99, #98, #22) were all given 54 points for the feature. The amount should have been 66 for the cars. The totals were re-calculated, and the total points re-sorted for the entire class. The old page was removed and replaced with the now corrected page.

03/07/06 - Updated the "Mini Stock" rules for 2006 season. Posted as both the Text & PDF formats for viewing.

03/05/06 - Updated the "Season Schedule" page with the latest one. I added this page to the PDF files page as well so that you can print out a schedule easier and better looking.  Some of the class rules PDF's have been updated as well. I am working on getting all the class rules PDF & TEXT pages updated with the most recent that I have. Please pay attention to the dates on the rules pages to be sure you keep up with the latest copies.

02/25/06 - Removed the "Next Event" page, and all links to it.  Visitors can just look at the Season Schedule for the next race event, can see the other weeks at the same time, and reduce the number of places I have too remember to update when a change is made.  Worked on Top Ten pages to delete last years and bring it all up to date for this year.

02/24/06 - Two points corrections were made. The #95 car in T.S. was changed from 42 to 48 in the feature, and the #71 in the H.S. was changed from 6 to 4 in the heat race.

02/19/06 - 2:00 AM - 2006 Season Schedule change. Practice changed from Thursday night (23rd) to Friday night (24th). Schedule page and next event page corrected to show this.

02/15/06 - 2006 Season Schedule changed. New race schedule posted on the season schedule page.

02/01/06 - Media Coverage page updated with new info sent by Kim Bollinger.

01/26/06 - A Correction was made on the "NEXT EVENT" page to change the next race date
from February 21,  to February 11.  Information about Pit Slabs (Parking in the pits) has been added on a new page that is available from the "Information" page listed on the Home page.

01/23/06 - Today the "Media Coverage" page was changed. The FULL THROTTLE show time was changed from 8:30 to 7:30, as requested by Kim Bollinger.

01/22/06 - I added the NEW points breakdown for this season to the POINTS section on the INFORMATION page. This new points break down was taken from the 3rd page of the General Rules document. Feature, Heat, and Time trials amounts have all changed this year.  I showed positions in the heat races down to place 15 with one point for each place. There should never be more than 10 cars in a single heat, but I wanted to make it clear that last place (heat, 10th) got one point and all places (11-?) also would get one point. The same is true for the Time Trials.

01/21/06 - This Page.  Today this page was added in an effort to let people know when they should look at a certain page to see some change made, or new information added.  In the past I've had similar pages like our "Blackboard" page. I hope this one becomes a permanent solution & fixture of the web.  Also the removal of the 4-Cyl Enduro Signup link that was on the previous (home) page. It's no longer needed since today is the date of the race.  And I've begun adding a new page that will contain links to PDF files that most PC users will be able to download and print. People that do this will get a MUCH better race track form that will view and print in the format that it was intended to. This should be a really BIG help in getting a more readable print out of documents like the race rules, class rules, forms, and etc...  The link to this page is on the home page, and may be added to a few other pages.   The rules page changed to let you select the old text page, or the new PDF version page.  I put the lines back on the text version of the Driver Register Form to make it more usable.


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